Renovation: is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Does your home have rooms that are either too hot or too cold and you can’t get the temperature right? Did you know you can keep your master bedroom 10° lower than the rest of your home? Have you considered installing a mini split system in your home, office or bedroom? Our experts at atom ductless design can help you design the right Mini split system for your home. What is a Mini Split? A mini Split system heat pump or air conditioner typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outdoor compressor. These units require only a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, making them less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems. Plus, they’re less visible and audible.


Multiple System Designs To Choose From.

Why a Ductless Mini Split System?

They’re exceedingly energy-efficient. In the average house, you’re losing 25% or more of your energy to ductwork, Simply by removing the ducts, you end up with a more efficient system. Ductless models also have inverter-driven compressors, which speed up and slow down based on the needs of the system instead of shutting off entirely like traditional compressors do. consuming a lot of energy during compressor start-up.



Integrated zoning; you get full control of each room’s temperature.


Finding an HVAC Professional

So how do you go about adding, replacing or upgrading an old heating or cooling system to meet your home's needs? Contact Atom Ductless Design and get a qualified expert. After all, this person or company will be installing systems in your home that can directly affect the health and safety of your family.


No matter how well you keep up your AC system, it will eventually need replacing. Are you struggling with the option weather to replace the whole unit or to replace with a mini split system, Atom Ductless Design can help answer all your questions. Keep in mind as ductless mini splits grow in popularity, more homeowners are choosing between going with a ductless system rather than the conventional split system air conditioner that relies on ducts.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you still relying on window AC units?

Older homes often don’t have ducts built in. If this describes your home, and are depending on window ACs for comfort. In this case, going ductless is a great choice—no need to pay for massive remodeling to fit ducts into the house

replacing your heater soon?

Most ductless mini splits are heat pumps and can deliver both cooling and heating, they’re good choices for a full comfort revamp in your home.

Are you building a new home or extensively remodeling your current one?


Installing a ductless system as part of a new house makes construction much easier—because you don’t have to account for ductwork. If your remodeling, tear out the ducts which makes it’s easy for HVAC installers to put in a ductless mini split heat pump.

Old systems:

New Systems


Calling Atom Ductless Designs for expert advice on choosing the right Mini Split for your home is the 1st step in the right direction. Our guys will provide you with the information on the many advantages of installing Mini Splits in your home, office. or even garage.

Do you know when to replace your Air Conditioner?

  • age of the system.

  • excessive noise & Dirt coming from the unit.

  • air conditioning related expenses adding up.

  • Cooling and humidity inconsistencies.

We understand that homeowners feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the options that go into selecting the proper mini split units to replace their existing Unit. Our team of professional technicians are experienced, highly qualified, and trained. When you work with Atom Ductless designs you get a team of home service professionals who are consistent and reliable. We carry the latest and most energy-efficient mini split systems. You can always count on our team for fast, expert installation. Let us help you choose the best mini split systems for your home. We will make sure that your system is installed correctly and that it works at peak performance, while reducing your utility costs.


If you are building a new home and strive to become more energy-efficient, then you should install one of the most cost-effective systems to control the climate in each room all year around. Ductless mini splits allow customizing comfort in each and every room. No need to heat the kitchen or the bedroom when your living room or a kid’s room is too cool. mini split technology offers a new range of efficiency and comfort—benefits that previously required higher cost or added complexity. To help you determine which mini-split system is most appropriate for your new efficient-home construction project, check these benefits That Atom Ductless Designs can offer.

Ductless mini split benefits:

  • Heating and cooling available in every room.

  • Conceptually straightforward system.

  • When properly installed, is the most efficient system on the market.

  • Most effective strategy for reducing overall energy use by heating the core of the home with efficient technology.

  • Fewer issues with oversized ductless heads in bedrooms.

Installing ductless mini splits while walls are still open allows to hide insulated refrigerant piping, communication and power wiring, as well as condensate line within walls. The same could be applied to the exterior of your new home, as the piping does not have to be exposed to the outside. while it also could be hidden within exterior walls, well insulated, and pass to the outside condenser through a small opening near the bottom of the home.


Architects Love Ductless Mini Splits

Eliminate architectural issues with open floor plans. Mini Splits offer endless mind numbing flexibility and settings. This is where design finally meets technology. In the past, open floor plans would create nightmares in heating and cooling for homeowners. If you don’t have enough returns, you don’t have enough supply. With Mini Splits, the problem is solved. You may now economically solve new construction problems while reducing the need for more outdoor units. Call Atom Ductless Designs to schedule a meeting to learn more and see what we can do for your home.

Not Just for New Construction

Ductless Mini Split solutions are also perfect for “Gut Rehabs” where space is always an issue.  Ductless also creates more floorspace for your basement finishing projects.  Last but not least, hard to heat historic properties are perfect for ductless heating and cooling mini splits, especially when a percentage of the home or building must be left with a certain percentage of the home in “original state”

Before Vs. After

Before Vs. After

Mini Splits systems are the solutions for those consumers that want more efficiency in both space and in energy. The ductless system units are installed on the wall, so there’s no need to sacrifice the esthetics of the house. Each unit is designed for maximum energy efficiency that provides savings that can be over 45% compared to central air units. Because mini-split units are also small by nature, they can easily fit in tight spaces. Since they can be ducted, ductless or both, homeowners can select which indoor units best fits their space and style.

now that you have all the information and are interested in a cooling system with a fast and efficient installation., the ductless system is the way to go. Call atom Ductless Designs to set up your meeting with one of our sales representatives.


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Is your business starting to feel a bit stuffy? Our collection of commercial ductless Mini Split systems offers a wealth of options for businesses looking for high-quality AC units to efficiently cool their space. With features such as quiet operation, mold proof air filters and built-in dehumidifiers, these commercial mini splits are the ultimate in comfort for commercial enterprises. Whether you're a small shop, an office or a restaurant, our commercial ductless mini split products are here to make your business more comfortable and enjoyable for you, your customers and your employees.

Mini Split systems are built to provide personalized space temperature control in any environment. No matter what time of year or part of the country, a room with a Mini Split system will always be the exact temperature occupants desire. These innovative technologies, advanced designs, and superefficient systems are the right solution for your light commercial Buildings.

areas where a mini split system will be am ideal addition.

• Small or large Offices • Conference rooms • Server/equipment rooms • Large open residential floor plans • Retail shops • Restaurant kitchens • Fitness centers • Daycares • Classrooms




Anyone who spends a lot of time working in the garage knows it can become uncomfortably hot in the summer, especially here in Texas. Not only does this affect how you feel while you work in the garage. Depending on where you live, the temperature in your garage may be hotter than recommended, or desired. Because of this, we recommend putting a mini spilt system in your garage to help alleviate the heat and keep you cool whole you work. mini splits systems are appealing as a garage air conditioner because they don’t require ducts and are known to be extremely energy efficient. They are also mounted high up on the wall, allowing your floor space to be preserved.

man cave:

Tis the season to watch your favorite football team in that brand new man cave you added to your home. Sporting long underwear in your team’s colors, a bulky parka with the team logo and, to top it all off, a thick wool stocking cap.

Sound silly? Yeah, but it happens. Many times, folks add bonus rooms in areas that are not equipped with adequate heating or cooling: the garage, an unfinished basement, or the attic . It can be very expensive to add ductwork connected to your current HVAC system in these areas, so many homeowners simply make do.

at atom Ductless designs we are here to let you know we have an answer to that problem: a mini-split, mini-split inverter or ductless heat pump. All are an efficient way to heat and cool a room or area and the best part? No ductwork required!!

she shed

With the many roles that women take on today, having a private retreat to relax and rejuvenate is crucial to mental and physical health. When creating a “she shed”, you need a space that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In Texas, temperature and humidity control is a must for indoor comfort. Licensed technicians at atom ductless designs can offer a full suite of services to create a comfortable indoor environment.