Is your business starting to feel a bit stuffy? Our collection of commercial ductless Mini Split systems offers a wealth of options for businesses looking for high-quality AC units to efficiently cool their space. With features such as quiet operation, mold proof air filters and built-in dehumidifiers, these commercial mini splits are the ultimate in comfort for commercial enterprises. Whether you're a small shop, an office or a restaurant, our commercial ductless mini split products are here to make your business more comfortable and enjoyable for you, your customers and your employees.

Mini Split systems are built to provide personalized space temperature control in any environment. No matter what time of year or part of the country, a room with a Mini Split system will always be the exact temperature occupants desire. These innovative technologies, advanced designs, and superefficient systems are the right solution for your light commercial Buildings.

areas where a mini split system will be am ideal addition.

• Small or large Offices • Conference rooms • Server/equipment rooms • Large open residential floor plans • Retail shops • Restaurant kitchens • Fitness centers • Daycares • Classrooms